• Question: Hi Iona i have picked triple science for my gcse for yr 11 however i am not that keen in physics, i can get extra help from school however i have difficulty remembering everything. I revise and revise but my grades dont show it. when im older i want to be a vet pathologist but i need good marks in science to do so. have you any advise or tips?

    Asked by 454kgrf46 to Iona on 20 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Iona Strawson

      Iona Strawson answered on 20 Jun 2016:


      Try and find a study method that works for you. Maybe you could record your self talking through your notes and listen back. Past exam papers are really useful so you know the sort of thing to expect. Break things down into small chunks that are easier to digest. I used to put notes up on my bedroom wall to just look at them.

      Maybe you could form a study group with some friends? I found that worked really well at university. It helps to understand things better if you go through it with someone at the same level as you. You can go through and figure things out together, I found I remembered things better that way. Covering all the basics and you don’t feel as under pressure to understand as you would with a teacher I think.

      I guess the best advice I could give is not to be too hard on yourself. Remember to take some time to relax, pushing yourself too hard will make it harder for you to remember stuff. You need to give your brain time to process the information. Make sure you are getting a good nights sleep and eating lots of brain food!

      Good luck with your exams. I’m sure you’ll do great and I hope this helped.