• Question: what is outside our universe?

    Asked by blue to Adam, Eloise, Iona, Jarrod, Yip on 18 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Man Hang Yip

      Man Hang Yip answered on 18 Jun 2016:

      Nothing? Another universe? Our our universe is infinite? Honestly I don’t know and nobody knows yet. There are some theories of what it is outside, but it is something that is not being answered.

    • Photo: Jarrod Hart

      Jarrod Hart answered on 20 Jun 2016:

      And what is before time?

      I think to contemplate this type of question you have to extrapolate from 3 to 4 dimensions – there is a good short story/book, called ‘Flatland – A romance of many dimensions’ written in the 1880’s which tried to consider this sort of thing.

      You can read the whole thing here:

      It’s the story of a man who lives in two dimensions and has no concept of the third, and it tells of how he discovers it and how strange it is to him… a nice read and thought provoking.

      I’d love to chat about this, but I fear i would never stop! If you really get into it, there are loads of books on it, and quite nice ones are by John Gribbin – if you tell your parents to get you one, I am sure they will, you know, for your ‘education’ (never mind that they are also quite fun!).


    • Photo: Iona Strawson

      Iona Strawson answered on 20 Jun 2016:

      I think there are other universes. It’s a really interesting question though.